Additional Services

Engine Bay Detail. Before/After
BMW 325i Engine Bay Detail

Engine Bay Detail

All moisture sensitive under bonnet components are protected before the engine bay is fully decontaminated, degreased, dried and finished with suitable engine bay protectants.


Headlight Restoration
Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restore

The headlight lenses are wet sanded to safely remove the yellow hazing and weathering followed by a multistage machine cut and correction to restore clarity and leave an as new, factory finish. Apart from looking great this treatment improves your safety and driving enjoyment as optimal headlight distribution onto the road is restored.


BMW 325i Red Leather Upholstery
Renault Megane Charcoal Leather

Leather Care

The leather is first cleansed with a pH neutral solution then a leather balm is applied to replenish the essential oils to leave a natural matt finish.

From £30


Scratch Removal

Depending on clear coat thickness, deep scratches can be removed from the paintwork with a multi stage correction procedure. Please contact us to discuss suitability.

Before/After Wheels Off Detail

Wheels Off Detail

The wheels are removed from the vehicle to allow full decontamination and dressing of the wheel arches and arch liners. The wheels are decontaminated with tar & fallout remover before being sealed inside and out for long term protection against brake dust and road grime.